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Unieke LaDress

When will she arrive? What will she look like? Will she be printed, will she be bright? Will she look sweet or stunning? Or is she a luxury diva? She can be a familiar face or a brand new girl in town…One thing is for sure: she’s Unique! Hold on, for a new Unique LaDress will make her entrance pretty soon. She will be limited, special and highly exclusive. Once she appears and is sold, she will never reappear in our collection again, for she is a true one of a kind.

Het Unique LaDress concept draait geheel om exclusiviteit. Onaangekondigd verschijnt er eens per maand een geheel uniek jurkje op de LaDress site. Soms zijn er 10 stuks, soms 5 of, je weet het nooit. Ieder jurkje is dan ook uniek gelabeld, 1/5, 3/10, 3/3…